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Kingdom Hearts II Video
Here are the new kingdom hearts opening movie and ending movie. If you can't wait for it to come out in March then go ahead and spoil yourself. Download whenever you like.

Kingdom Hearts II Opening


Kingdom Hearts II Ending

Sega Genisis Emulator for PSP

GBA Emulator for PSP

UMD Emulator

This file lets you Load the UMD image from you memory stick. For PSP version 1.50

Gamecube Game Ripper

Gamecube Rip ISO Program

This .zip file has files that has directions on how to play gamecube games on your computer.

PSX Multi Converter
The PSX Multi-Converter lets you play movies and sound/music from your playstation disc. The movies convert into .avi and soud/music is converted onto wav. I use this if I ever want to add Spyro music to my mp3 collectio because I love the music from.

Plugins for ePSXe

Lewpy's Glide 1.40

 This plugin should only be used when you have a 3dfx graphics accelerators - produces the best results on those cards !


P.E.Op.S. GPU v1.17

This open source plugin, formal known as Pete\'s software GPU, is now open source and developed by a larger and more skilled team. Progress is very fast and new features are added regularly.


Pete's GPU Plugins v1.76

 Pete's collection of GPU plugins includes two Direct3D, and an OpenGL plugin for best performance. Highly recommended.


Eternal SPU v1.41

And yet another plugin based on Iori's great SPU, but heavily developed further, is Eternal SPU. A must try for every emulation fan !


P.E.Op.S. DSound v1.9

This is the opensource continuation of Pete\\\\\\\'s DSound and Midas SPUs. One of the best out there!


P.E.Op.S. CDR v1.4

This is the continuation of Pete's ASPI/IOCTL plugin now that it's moved to open source.


CdrSaPu v1.0

 New but great - this description certainly fits on SaPu's Cdr plugin ! Although just released, it already features several reading modes (with autodetection) and pre-caching, which produces a great performance !

WinMM PAD Driver 0.03

Dr. Hell's WinMM PAD driver is a PSEmu Pro type PAD plugin library which works without DirectInput!

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