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I'm BACK! After more than two years I've finally decided to come back and continue working on this site. WOW! Its been a long time but now I'm gonna see what I can do. I've noticed I've been getting quite of few of page views on my site every day. My new email is Did I mention I have an imdb? ITs awesome! Anywho, I go to college now, Santa Monica College and doing a couple of internships related to the field I'm going for. Email me what yu want to see on this website but for now, if you'd like, check out another website.  My brand new low budget production company. Don't worry it will grow. Oh yes now for the updates, I'll be uploading my own cool stuff that I've worked on for the last couple of years. I used to have a Youtube account but got deleted due to a teacher who was in one of my videos was on the edge of losing his job for getting got saying somethings he wasn't suppose to be  saying. The video was called High School View of Racism.
First of all Happy New Years you guys. I added a NEW section called videos. There I have whatever you guys want to watch there.
Hello Again. If any of you guys like the sims then I found a site for you. Its There you can download whatever you want for your sims 2 game. I also will have my Artwork, and 3d renderings of stuff that I have done. I'm currently enrolled in Multi-Media Design 2, Video Game Development and Video Production. Pretty Cool stuff, so I guess you would enjoy my artwork as well. Also, there are things that I might want for Christmas so here is a page of the top products I'm interested in getting. Click Here
Its been awhile since I last updated this site. I've been doing other stuff but I have fixed the emulator section. If you need any more roms just let me know so I can put some more up.
Hey Check this out! I found the site where it shows the reviews for the top brand graphics cards for pc. tested and rated the newest video cards each on high-end, mid end and low end. For high-end graphics, the best choice would have to be ATI Radeon intead of nVIDIA. Wow, and I thought nVIDIA  was the best for gameplay.I guess I was wrong. For my school computers, they have nVIDIA quadro geforce so that one should be pretty good too. I added a page where you can buy more things but I just don't want to display on the navigation bar. So heres the link to click. It's where you can shop for other stuff that's not related to my site. Although I am going to add a store so you guys can buy merchandise or  whatever. I'm going to add more roms pretty soon.
Today is the day when you guys get download roms for now. Thats right! You guys get to download roms from my website and I will be adding more roms in the future. If you need to ask me somthing about the roms then go to the box that say ask me somthing. I have added more flash animation and gonna add more pretty soon. I'm also going to add more flash games too. So enjoy while you still can.
Hello again and welcome to my website. Today I have added a donation sign for my website. It would be very nice for you visitors to give me some money. If you do, I will let you come over for dinner and eat some of my moms cooking. If not then thats okay....but you don't know what your missing. I be will offering you guys to buy some products off from my website as well. Ofcoarse It will be a link to but I still get your money hahaha. If you want buy some stuff off from my website then simply click on Games . There will a lists of my all favorite games (and to tell you the truth, I only wanted to make a gaming website because I only wanted to make money off from. Not only that I like some games that  legendary, I AM NOT A GAME FREAK. I like some but COME ON, theres other things in life besides gaming.) Each one you will be able to buy off from it. So come on, buy some stuff and I need money for Christmas. Oh yeah now that I've mentioned it, if you purchase or donate stuff from me I give every single one of you presents for Christmas. Don't worry I won't let Santa give you coal, but right now, it's August so don't get too excited.
I can't do anymore flash animation because I need more time to complete the best one in the whole world. I probally even make it be posted on and make it real popular. It takes time to make somthing real great so be patient. I'm still trying to learn the advanced features of flash. Since I am a computer hacker I pretty much get every single program that I want for free. Just don't tell anybody about that okay.
I found another website where you can get free stuff for $40 too. They give out PSP's, Laptops, $400 cellphones and more. Click the following link to find out more.
I have added forums to my website as well.
Today I have finally know how to play Gameboy, MAM, MSX, Neo Geo, NES, PC Engine, Sega, SNES and Wonderswan emulators on the Playstation Portable. That's right, you can now play thousands of games on your PSP (there are tons of freeware / homebrew ROMs). Homebrew games- Doom, PSP chess, Pong, Pocothin, Higher or lower, HTML game, PSP GO, Maze, Arkanoid and Puyo. The emulators can run at a full 333Mhz, just be careful- it could damage your PSP. It's just you can you run these emulators on only jaspanese psp. So you probally need a model 1000k. If you do have a U.S. PSP then you just wait till they have the right psp hacks. I also found out that they are making a new ps1 emulator for the psp. So I guess there going to be more stuff later on in the future. If you want to know how to run homebrew games on your psp click here
I have added more downloads to my website. For the Playstation emulator I've added the bios so there shouldn't be any problems. I love emulators! Oh yeah and guess what. I found a website which you can free stuff like ipods, laptops and cellphones. The only thing you need to do is pay $40 for some product from them and then you can your free gift. So you pretty much get stuff for a way lower price.
Its like going to a store and getting 98% off everything, LITERILLY! You just have to have a cerntain amount of new members that have to join then you gift is shipped to you. Just click on the following link.
I have actually put up bittorents up my website now. OH yeah since I have been such a big fan of DDR I have decided to add a DDR radio. It has all the songs that featured in all of the games and now you can listen. OH yeah, did I forgot to tell you guys that I have barely got an A on MAX 300. Thats why I'm 70lbs lighter and  entering in the contest. Wish me good luck.
I added more games for you guys to play, none of those ugly cheaps games I used from using those html codes from kewlbox. I put the really good ones up so hope those will keep you busy.
I don't know but I'm back on making my website weekly and will be making more stuff. Oh yeah and here is one my friends website it's And also the download section works now because you can actually download them now. I only have emulators for now
Everybody please click on this link okay so I can get free stuff! Thank You.
I finally bought the PSP today and it was worth every $. I also put some more games up to play.
Okay maybe I didn't add a new game. I really don't have enough  stuff on this hard drive to put more stuff on. I been busy doing other stuff. 
Today I added a new game.It's GEM-MANIA.
New flash has been added. It's Somthing Scary though, so view at your own risk.
I just added a new flash animation, Happy Bunny.
You can now download the complete Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack. The soundtrack includes all the music you here in the game.
New game added just in time for the holidays. It's called
Visit the chatterbox now! There you talk about just about anything you would like to talk about.
I updated my games section now with more pictures and info on them. Soon I'll be adding sound and music from as well. Most of them well be in MIDI.
I just got a new section which is called Downloads. There you can download and play games.I'll be having new stuff soon.

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